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Ordering groceries on food delivery apps 'can cost double'

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A basket of 15 products cost £36.63 on Iceland’s website – but £50.50 on Just Eat, excluding delivery fees; while some individual products were twice as expensive.
Saturday 3 June 2023 14:03, UK
Ordering groceries using apps such as Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Just East can cost twice as much as buying them online from the supermarket, according to Which?
The consumer publication compared 15 popular items when ordered via an app and direct from the supermarket’s website.
It found almost all were more expensive on the apps
The basket, which included Doritos, own-brand milk and ready meals, cost £36.63 when bought from Iceland online, but £50.50 via Just Eat – 38% more.
All the app orders excluded delivery fees and were sent to the same postcode from the same local store.
The investigation found:
Which?’ retail spokesperson Ele Clark said: „Ordering groceries from Deliveroo, Just Eat or Uber Eats is undeniably appealing but the cost of this convenience could be double what you’d pay if you cut out the middleman.
„As well as the extra cost on your groceries, you’ll probably have a delivery fee too, so it’s worth weighing this up before ordering anything to your door.”
All three apps, as well as Amazon, said supermarkets set their own prices for products ordered on their platforms.
„The prices for grocery items available on the Deliveroo platform are set by our grocery partners,” Deliveroo said in a statement.
„Deliveroo always seeks to deliver great choice, availability and value for money to our customers, and we have agreed price-matching with our grocery partners including Morrisons, Co-op, Asda and more across hundreds of items.”
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Uber Eats said it „encourages partners to match the prices offered in-store”, while Just Eat also said its partners are „in control of their menus and set the prices they charge”.
Amazon added that their Morrisons service offered value as well as fast delivery.
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