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Best Samsung Galaxy A53 5G Case for 2023 – CNET

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Keep your phone protected at all times with the best Samsung Galaxy A53 5G cases on the market.
When you drop the money to upgrade to a brand new device, you know how essential it is to invest in the quality protection of a good case. Whatever phone you own, you’ll want to keep it in good condition for as long as you can, and a protective case — paired with a tempered glass screen protector — is the best way of doing so. The Galaxy A53 5G may not have as many case options as you’d find for phones from Samsung’s latest flagship Galaxy S23 lineup, or the previous S22 lineup, but there are still plenty of A53 smartphone cases to fit your needs, no matter your price range, style or sensibility. 
If you want to keep your Samsung A53 safe, you can find many great case options for your new device — along with great accessories like a ring grip or wallet — to protect your investment. We’ve discovered that the best Samsung Galaxy A53 5G cases strike that perfect balance between form and function.  
When picking out a phone case, it’s important to think about your priorities. Are you prone to dropping your phone often and need a sturdy case, or do you just want a slim sleeve to keep dust and debris away from your device? Do you want a case that adds something extra to your phone, like a credit card slot or kickstand? You should consider these questions — along with how much you’re willing to spend — when shopping for a new phone case.
I evaluated the cases below based on a variety of factors, including how much bulk they add to your phone, how easy they are to put on and remove, their build quality and how they hold up during drops. I dropped each case from a height of roughly three feet to test its durability. That might not sound very high, but it seemed like a good way to simulate the real-world experience of knocking your phone off a countertop or table, or dropping it as you take it out of your pocket. Spoiler: Every case in this list passed the test and protected the Galaxy A53 from damage. Keep scrolling to find the right Samsung Galaxy A53 5G case to protect your phone.
Speck’s ImpactHero case for the Galaxy A53 5G is a slim shell with a soft touch back that’s stylish and easy to grip. The company claims the case was built with two layers of protective cushioning that enable it to withstand 8-foot drops. It’s fairly easy to install and remove, although it does take a bit more fiddling than the cases from Spigen and Samsung mentioned in this list. 
Speck sells a standalone version of the case for $30 through its website, but you can also get it bundled with a screen protector for $45. Overall, the Speck ImpactHero is ideal for someone who wants a slim case that still feels protective and durable. 
Spigen’s cases shine for their sleek designs that barely add any extra bulk or heft to your phone. The company sells nine different cases for the Galaxy A53 5G, and I tested the $45 Core Armor, $25 Liquid Air and $35 Crystal Slot. 
The Core Armor claims to have a military-grade shock absorbent layer, while Spigen says the Liquid Air has a premium shell designed for shock resistance. The Crystal Slot’s main draw is its rear pocket, which is designed to store a single credit card. 
All three of these cases feel thin, light and durable. They’re also not as stiff as other cases featured on this list, which makes attaching and removing them on the Galaxy A53 5G very simple. Spigen’s cases are the right choice for those who prioritize thin and light designs above all else, but still want enough protection to guard against the occasional slip.
Samsung’s selection of cases for the Galaxy A53 5G is small but diverse. There’s a silicone sleeve, a simple clear case, a wallet case, a durable case with a kickstand and a silicone cover with a strap attached to the back. I’ve been trying the wallet case and silicone strap case, and so far they’ve offered a solid combination of ease of use, protection and additional functionality.
The wallet case is simple and perhaps a bit plain compared to the pricier leather designs from companies like Nomad and Bellroy, neither of which make cases for the Galaxy A53 5G so far. But Samsung’s case is sleek, functional and relatively affordable at $40. And as its name implies, the S-View Wallet Cover has a tiny window near the top of its front flap that lets you see the time without opening it. 
The $40 Silicone Cover With Strap earns its name from the colorful, bold seat belt-like strap positioned on the back of the case. It feels like Samsung’s version of PopSockets; it’s there to keep your phone securely in place but also serves as a statement piece. 
But be warned: The strap cover’s metal buckle sounds jarring when hitting the ground, making drops and tumbles feel more dramatic than they actually are. Both cases are also partially made from recycled materials and snap onto the A53 5G fairly easily. 
Otterbox is known for its durable cases, and it has plenty of options available for the Galaxy A53 5G. You’ll find cases that add varying degrees of protection (and thickness) to your phone. I’ve been testing three: the $30 Commuter Series Lite, $50 Symmetry Series Clear and $65 Defender Series Pro. 
The Commuter Series Lite and Symmetry Series are both on the slimmer side for Otterbox. But the Commuter comes in a two-tone pink or black design, while the Symmetry has a clear build. The Symmetry has a slightly higher drop rating, since Otterbox claims it can withstand three times as many drops as military standard, while the Commuter is said to endure twice as many drops. 
Those looking for something more rugged should check out the Defender Series Pro, which the company claims can survive four times as many drops as military standard and comes in three pieces: a polycarbonate shell, a synthetic slipcover and polycarbonate holster. But be warned: This case will add significant heft to your phone. 
The Defender Series Pro and Symmetry Series Clear are both made of 50% recycled plastic. Otterboxes are sturdier but also stiffer than the other cases on this list, which means they can require a little elbow grease to install and remove. 


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