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Microsoft Now Lets You Buy Surface Replacement Parts in Its Store – CNET

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It just got easier to repair Surface devices yourself.
Microsoft’s Surface Pro 9.
You can now buy replacement components for Microsoft Surface devices in the Microsoft Store. Microsoft said in a blog post Wednesday the move is part of its larger initiative to „expand the options for customers to have their devices repaired in a safe, sustainable manner.”
The company said it’s providing replacement parts „to technically inclined consumers.” Replacement component purchases include the part and relevant collateral components, like screws. Tools needed for the repair are sold separately through iFixit, Microsoft said. 
Microsoft previously revealed it would be providing replaceable components for the Surface Pro 9, but this list covers parts for many more Surface devices. Parts currently available in the store for the Surface Pro 9 include the kickstand, display, battery, SSD and more. Microsoft joins other tech companies like Apple and Samsung in giving owners more control over repairs.
Starting out, replacement components will be sold through Microsoft’s store in the United States, Canada and France, and commercial resellers in all Surface markets will have access through existing channels. The company said it will provide updates on additional markets in the future.
Microsoft provides more information on troubleshooting and DIY repairs for Surface devices (along with a list of available replacement components by device) here.


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