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Google Reportedly Scraps Its Next AR Glasses Project – CNET

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The company is moving in a different direction when it comes to augmented reality, says a report.
Google may be abandoning plans for augmented reality headgear. 
Google reportedly won’t be moving forward with plans to release a new pair of augmented reality glasses. Development efforts have been abandoned after a wave of layoffs and company restructuring, according to a recent report from Business Insider, which cited three sources who declined to be named.
The product, dubbed Project Iris, has been in development for a few years but has purportedly been ditched in favor of creating AR/VR software. Project Iris was earlier revealed via a report from The Verge last year, where the device was described as a pair of Android-powered „ski goggles.” The goggles turned out to be a joint project with Samsung and Qualcomm, and Iris was reportedly meant to be AR eyeglasses with the ability to generate realistic, mixed-reality experiences. 
Google didn’t immediately respond to CNET’s request for comment.
The move to drop Project Iris may come as a surprise given that Apple’s Vision Pro and the Meta Quest 3 have drummed up so much buzz this year. But Google has had other AR headsets on the market over the years, including the Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2, which the company stopped selling in March.
Google’s I/O event in May introduced plans for a slate of AR tools and software, including a set of new features for the Maps app and Geospatial Creator. The latter is compatible with Android and iOS and enables users to build immersive, 3D digital content in real-life geographical locations across the world. 
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