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The Coolest Phones at MWC 2024 From Samsung, Honor, Motorola and More – CNET

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From concept phones that wrap around your wrist to Honor’s new eye-tracking tech, here are the most notable phones from MWC 2024.
Motorola’s concept phone bracelet is one of the most intriguing concepts we’ve seen at MWC 2024 so far.
It looks like an ordinary phone when flat. But it curls around your wrist, turning it into a smartwatch-smartphone hybrid. 
The phone attaches to a band around your wrist, which secures it in place. 
The back of the phone is soft, making it more comfortable to wear around your wrist. 
Not to be outdone, Samsung also had a wearable phone concept of its own on display at MWC 2024. 
Here’s how Samsung’s phone looks when worn around the wrist.
Samsung’s concept phone has a ribbed back, as shown above. 
But it’s important to remember that these concepts from Motorola and Samsung are just that. They’re not actual products you’ll be able to buy. Rather, they’re meant to show what Samsung and Motorola’s technologies are capable of.
But it’s not just about concepts. We saw a couple of significant new phones that will actually be available for sale in certain regions at MWC 2024. 
The Honor Magic 6 Pro, which will be available in Europe and stands out for its eye-tracking tech and silicon-carbon battery, is one such example. 
Here’s what the Honor Magic 6 Pro looks like from the back. 
Xiaomi also announced the global launch of its Xiaomi 14 series at MWC 2024. Pictured here is the Xiaomi 14 Ultra, which gives photographers plenty to get excited about, according to my colleague Patrick Holland. 
The Xiaomi 14 Ultra has four rear cameras, including a 50-megapixel, 1-inch sensor that’s larger than what you’d get in a typical smartphone. 
And last but not least, there’s the Barbie Flip Phone, which is a joint effort from HMD and Mattel. We don’t have many details on this phone yet, but expect it to be a Barbie-inspired feature phone rather than a bendable smartphone like the Galaxy Z Flip and Motorola Razr. 
We’ll update this story with more photos as the show goes on. 


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