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Why We've Stopped Recommending Wyze Home Security Devices at CNET – CNET

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Wyze’s repeated security issues are putting user privacy at stake, and things aren’t getting better. For now, we’re pulling our Wyze recommendations and keeping a close watch.
We’re pulling our Wyze recommendations, and you deserve the full story.
If you’ve been looking through our reviews and guides for the best smart home products, you may have noticed a significant change in recent months: We have pulled all our recommendations of Wyze products. Considering the Wyze brand had frequented our top picks for a variety of security systems and camera options, we thought this decision deserved a more in-depth explanation regarding your safety and privacy.
Over the past few years, Wyze has suffered from repeated data leaks and security breaches, including a 2019 user data leak, exposed databases in 2022, and exposed video files that same year. More recently, Wyze has seen breaches in both September 2023 and February 2024 that let at least 13,000 people see actual video footage from the Wyze security cams of other users.
So far, our attempts to contact Wyze for a statement on the matter have been unsuccessful. When addressing the latest February 2024 security flaw, Wyze forum representative WyzeDave noted that: „Our engineering team has added a new layer of verification between users and event videos to prevent this from happening again. We’ve also removed the client library and will not be using caching until we can find a new client library and stress-test it for extreme scenarios like we saw on Friday. This investigation is not wrapped up yet, we will continue to discuss as a leadership team and evaluate what needs to change to better protect our users.”
Trusting a security company with your personal information requires a good track record.
Wyze is far from the only smart home brand that has encountered security vulnerabilities and data breaches. While actual thieves trying to hack into your security cameras are rare to nonexistent, online theft of data is sadly common, which is why companies must notify customers when they find a security flaw or evidence of a breach. In past years, we’ve noted security problems with Eufy and data leaks with Ring, for example.
At CNET, when these problems appear we ask ourselves several important questions:
These questions help us make determinations on whether to recommend a brand or product. Signs of improvement, better communication and time since the last reported security flaw are why companies like Eufy and Ring are currently on our lists.
Unfortunately, Wyze still struggles when examined via questions like these. The company continues to encounter repeated security flaws, while customer communication is limited to user emails and forum blog posts without broad, public-facing responses. The current Wyze response is better than those it has issued in the past, but we don’t see the marked improvement that we’d like to before recommending the brand again.
These issues aren’t simply vulnerabilities that were discovered and patched before problems could occur, but mistakes that included giving users images from homes other than their own — certainly not something a buyer wants to see in a security company. With privacy issues like these and a repeated pattern of flaws, we hesitate to suggest creating a Wyze account with your personal information, let alone using the company’s security cameras.
We will be watching Wyze’s situation over time and continue asking the questions posed above to see when and how things change. If Wyze products do start showing up on our lists again, we’ll let you know and explain why we’re willing to recommend them again.
Wyze has long been a leader in especially affordable smart home devices with great budget subscriptions. If they’re no longer a viable option, where can you look for cheap home security products? Start with our updated lists on cheap home security cameras and the most affordable home security systems for the best leads. If you’re interested in finding a particular brand, TP-Link’s Tapo devices are a n excellent alternative with budget prices equal to Wyze and affordable subscriptions as well.


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