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Amazon Music AI Playlist Builder Takes On Spotify – CNET

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Amazon has unveiled an AI playlist builder for all tiers of its Music streaming service.
Amazon has revealed its first AI playlist maker, Maestro, which will be available to all US users of Amazon Music, from its Free tier through to Unlimited.
The beta feature is rolling out to a small number of users and, like Spotify's new AI playlist builder, is initiated with a text prompt, and even allows emojis. The company stressed that the technology is "new and won't always get it right the first time" and that the app would block offensive language and inappropriate prompts.
Amazon Music is a streaming service with over 100 million tracks divided into three tiers — the ad-supported Free which incorporates playlists, Amazon Premium members and Amazon Music Unlimited, which includes lossless and spatial tracks.
Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers are able to listen to their playlists instantly and then save, while Prime members and ad-supported customers can listen to 30-second previews before saving. By contrast, only users of Spotify Premium, and not the free tier, have access to its AI playlists.
If you have access to the beta, the Maestro icon will appear on your home screen or when you tap the plus sign to create a new playlist. You will then be able to talk or type your playlist idea.
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